Human Rights – A Research Strategy to List Declaration, Courts and Violence in Kenya

A list of reports Based on reports from government departments of america, the rights of activists and Amnesty International is that the implementation of the Declaration on human rights is a mere formality. List of children’s rights to education and women’s rights to dignity, as included in the declaration of human rights are violated by law enforcement administration. Human Rights of the Child, the disabled, housing rights, employment, and refugees, reproductive and trafficking have been violated on several occasions and there is absolutely not any control over it from the government and courts adequate system is not available. NGO and the media, continue to indicate that the use of police force that resulted in murder.


Kenya’s Republic Is part of an organization founded to promote collaboration. It has ratified several conventions and the UN has commitments to respect the standards set in Moon jae in approval rating records. To the extent which Kenya has ratified the Optional Protocols to those conventions, the people of Kenya and their agents can assert their rights by those agencies.

The people of Kenya can turn for violations of rights that are particular. Complaints can file with the African Commission since Kenya is a member of the African Union. They can also file complaints under the principles of the European Union in which the death penalty and torture to the embassies of the Member States of the European Union and European Commission delegations. In the event of rights violations by multinational corporations, they can also invoke the NCP at a member state of the OECD. Kenya has joined the international criminal tribunals and may therefore be called in case of serious offenses.